Dating Tips For Men You Need To Know About

dating tips for menDating is like playing chess.

You make various moves as you play and when you lose, it means the move in the dating world was unacceptable.

When you win, it means your move was accepted and you can move ahead until you finally win which in reality is marrying the love of your life.

Below are dating tips for men.

1. Ask her first

Just like playing chess, when you develop a crush for a girl, you need to make the first move. Be a man, gather confidence and ask her out. To ask her out, you can call her or you can meet her directly and make your intentions known.

Women love men who are confident and make the first move. You need not over think about the lines to use, just a simple “Will you go out with me for coffee today or tomorrow night” will suffice.

2. Plan for the date

She has finally said yes, you need now to plan the date. Choose a suitable location like a coffee house or restaurant. The location needs to be comfortable and conducive for having a conversation. Avoid choosing a movie theatre as a first choice for a first date.

A movie theater is bad for a first date because both of you will be staring at the screen therefore no meaningful interaction and conversation will be present.

3. Dress to impress and be clean

Ladies spend a considerable amount of time in front of the mirror to apply their makeup, make their hair, select the best dress, shoes and matching bag. It is a shame as a guy to appear on a date dressed shabbily and not cleaned up. This will make your date either walk out or never give you another chance.

To impress her, you need to invest in a good suit, shoes, a good haircut and cologne. Dressing well will add points from your date.

4. Be yourself

At the date, you need to be yourself. This is because you will have a better chance of not blowing up your one chance. Things to avoid include bragging about how much money you earn or have, talking about the expensive car(s) you have or your body measurements.

Using the above things to impress a woman will only attract a woman with superficial intentions. Be yourself so as to win her over with what you have inside you.

5. Give her 100% attention

During the date, you need to accord her all the attention. Looking at other women passing by or at nearby tables is a no-no. Women can notice even if you try to watch other women in a sly manner.

Ladies love a man who gives them all the attention and a man needs to do this so as to have a chance for another date.