Dating Tips For Shy Guys – If You Are Too Shy To Date

There are guys who find it difficult to find a love life. It is not because they are choosy with girls. The real reason is they are too shy to even start a conversation with women. Some are afraid to be rejected. For these guys, the best way to get a date is via online dating. This is again one of the wonders brought to the modern world by the internet – the possibility of getting a date through the web.

If you are shy to approach a girl, why not try building your confidence by meeting ladies online. If you will search for virtual dating venues, you will find a lot of these in the World Wide Web. It is not saying that you practice first online but there had been many success stories told about finding a partner that had only started with a simple getting to know through the internet and later advancing to serious relationship. They have taken online dating to a higher level – to real life partnership.

How to Start Dating Online for Guys Too Shy to Date


As shy that you may be, your first step is to first know how to start dating online. There are a few requirements. First, you need an email address. This is the substitute for the snail mail where you send your love notes to you love interest. If at this time, you are too behind not having an email address, then register with yahoo, gmail or hotmail. It is free. If you already have a company email address, try not to use this; create a personal email.

You have to communicate also to find an online date. This will require you to learn how to chat. You can start this through Yahoo Messenger, MSN messenger, Skype or try the current trend – create your Facebook account and chat with your friends and with the girls you will meet online. Well of course, you do this after some email exchanges. Getting into chatting instantly may make you seem too aggressive. Establish rapport with a woman through emails.

Knowing about emailing and chatting, you can now register with dating sites. You can overcome your shyness as you do not come face to face yet with the girl. The step in registration with the online dating site is to submit your personal profile with photos.

Create a Good Online Dating Profile

Under the assumption that you already have registered with an online dating community, you create a profile. Here, you have to supply as much information as possible about yourself. You also have to attach a photo – the most recent. But you have to beware. You know that the internet is a home of spammers. Before you submit your profile, be sure that you are doing it in a legitimate online dating site. How do you get assured of the site? You can read forums and reviews about the dating site that you have chosen.

Reasons For Shy Men to Choose Dating Online

Aside from overcoming your shyness about meeting women, there are other benefits to gain from online dating sites. Here, you do not have to rush; you can learn online dating at your own pace. You do not spend because you have to choose legitimate sites that are free of membership fee. One reason why you can overcome your shyness is the fact that you do not meet with the girl face to face yet. You may only concede to meet her after a rapport between you had been established meaning you have become confident with how things go on between the two of you. If you fear rejection the dating site is a saving grace.

Many guys had finally found their love one via dating sites where the personal dating starts with online dating. The internet is a good venue for shy guys to start finding the girl of their dream. You can overcome your shyness and you can remove your fear of being rejected by a woman.


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