Finding Mr. Right: Dating Tips For Women

datingtipsforwomen3If you have found yourself alone on an evening where you would much rather be with “Mr. Right, perhaps these dating tips for women will help solve your problem.

1. Relax. That’s right. Just relax. Sit down with a positive mindset–and a soothing cup of java won’t hurt either–and take time to assess yourself. Decide what kind of man you deserve and make a list of the qualities you want.

2. Keep your identity. As nice as it is to be “one” with someone you love and care for, it’s also important to remember that you need to keep your own identity as well. Keeping your identity with someone else only makes the relationship stronger by maintaining your self as a means of strengthening the couple. Keep your own friends, associates, and others to make you feel like a complete person.

3. Trust your gut. Have you ever had the feeling that someone you were with just wasn’t right for you? That’s your intuition speaking to you. There’s a good reason why you have that feeling. Trust it.

4. Accept who he is. How many times have you met someone and maintained a relationship thinking that you could change something, or many things, about them that you didn’t like or found incompatible? There’s a good reason why everyone is different. Not only does it make the world a more interesting place, but it also makes relationships stronger and more fun. Accept someone for who they are and don’t try to change them.

5. Be complete, however you do it. Sometimes, people want to get into a relationship because they feel that will make them whole. Unfortunately, when they turn out not to be right, it’s usually because it’s them who was incomplete, not the status of their relationship. You should create your entire self before you think about a relationship.

6. Be sure of yourself and what you want in a relationship. When you meet someone it should be your prime objective to find out what you can about them. If after a few dates you still want to know more, ask them. They’ll probably be happy to tell you.

7. Be adventurous. One of the first things that is often asked when a relationship starts is “What kinds of things do you like to do?” Just tell him. In many cases people are afraid to tell another since they think they might be intimidating. Usually, the opposite is true. You might be learning about a whole new world to explore.

Everybody grows when you meet someone new. These dating tips for women will make everyone better people.


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