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Few years back Flirtomatic Login was real and you could access it from but now its not possible because it has been taken down officially taken down. So if you are looking for flirtomatic login then you are in wrong path my friend. So what actually was Flirtomatic?

Firtomatic was online social networking site which was meant for flirting or you can say dating. It was one of the best app that allowed you to do so. It allowed members to chat, flirt and send graphical messages to partners from your mobile phone or PC. Flirtomatic could be installed on your Android, iPhone as an app or it could be directly accessed via

Flirtomatic closed on the 23rd March 2014. So if you need something to flirt or find a date then you need to look for a replacement.

Flirtomatic Login | Register

flirtomatic login

To Login you need to have an account on So I will first tell you how you can create an account in it. What you just need to do is follow the bellow steps and you are good to go.

  1. Go to and click register
  2. Fill the form and go to the next step. Now you will receive verification email.
  3. Go to your email account and verify your flirtomatic account.
  4. Congratulation! You have registered to flirtomatic.

Once registered make sure you update your account with nice profile pic and bio line. This will certainly increase your chances in getting a date online. Once you have registered you can login to your account from pc or mobile phone. Here is how you can do that.

  1. Go to and click login
  2. Enter your username and password and click login
  3. Congratulation you are logged in now

But as said earlier there is no gain in doing so as Flirtomatic has been officially closed and this thing does not exist. So its much better to opt for an alternative. As that would help you in find a date online as that is your ultimate goal

Flirtomatic Replacement for Android, iPhone and PC.

So if you are searching for flirtomatic then you are obviously finding a partner. is not alive for this so it time to try some alternative. If your want a site for PC rather than mobile phone then you should try these site.

These are some of the most common sites that are used by millions online and it is quiet certain that you will find your probable partner with these. If you are using an android or apple device then there are some app also which are more convenient alternative of Flirtomatic Mobile Login.

  • Tinder
  • Fling
  • OkCupid App
  • Hinge

These are some of the best replacement of Flirtomatic you can use since it itself is not available now. Signing in on these site will definitely help you find a date which the Flirtomatic did perfectly once upon a time. So this was all about flirtomatic login and its alternative.


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  1. Lee barrett says:

    I just want some fun to be honest.


  3. I joined flirtomatic was on it for 4 months met a guy on there we spoke for hours on the phone each day an night met him once then 8 months later he came to me after all the chats on the phone 24/7 an were still together now after nearly 6 years

    • Al Ramirez says:

      What a great love story cherry garnett. Congratulations to you both. I too met someone on flirtomatic we had a wonderful time. Unfortunately after 2 years of dating, she had to move back to Colorado.. And I was too chicken to follow. And boy do I miss her.. Wish you two the best. And kudos for finding love online.. Cheers!

  4. Jessica says:

    I had flirtomatic🤗 Met someone in 2011…we got it off on our first date! We got married and here were are 5 years later happy as can be!❤️

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