How to Attract Men – Things Guys Find Attractive

Every woman hopes that she will one day find the man of her dreams. Women look forward to getting men who are epitomes of all perfection. However, you need to distance yourself from these unrealistic daydreams of your fancy world and be pragmatic in order to meet the man of your dreams.

Nowadays, the dating scene has become subtler. You should therefore step up your game in learning how to attract guy. It may be hard for you at first to understand what men like or are looking for, but you can take some subtle steps to be attractive to the man you want. As such, this article offers tips on how to attract men.


You have to know that men hate women who act desperate. Instead, you should act indifferent. Although you are sure that he is the kind of man you have been praying for, you should not let him suspect this. Again, you should treat him like an average Joe because many love challenge. He’ll get bored if you act excessively subservient and servile. If you have just met a fancy man who behaves in a way that shows that he’s interested in you, don’t not betray your excitement. Just treat him with respect but do not take any further initiatives for advancing the affair.

You are advised to be fabulous. With regard to this, you should ensure that you are well-dressed, polished, polite, sophisticated and erudite. You need to know that you do not need somebody to save you, you instead somebody who appreciates you. Although you must not necessarily spend a lot of money struggling to look like a movie star, you should strive to be your best.

You are advised to be candid. This means that you should be frank and open about who you are and what you stand for. A man feels comfortable when near a woman who has her own opinions. Although he may not necessarily want to hear the actual opinions, he’ll like you more when he’s sure that you have a mind of your own. This does not however mean that you should act stubborn or preachy.

Adopt a take-charge attitude

Do not be the kind of woman who steps back and go along with anything a man dictates. You will have to embrace more take-charge attitude in order to learn how to mesmerize men, as no single man can go against a good challenge. Having the take-charge attitude means you are in full control of your life. Single out the things you want out of life—specifically form a man, for that matter—and risk taking risk. In subtle ways, make the maiden move, because this is better than keeping wait for true love to meet you accidentally. In short, be a go-getter.

Make extra effort and invest some time into embellishing yourself

Bear in your mind that you do not need to change your real self as an endeavor to pleasing your man. However, learning how to attract him needs you a little effort. You will be more comfortable with yourself only if you know your man is uniquely attracted to you.

However, more than your pulchritude, you will feel the pride from inside glow if you invest extra time to embellish your appearance, pampering yourself, making yourself feel good. This mesmerizes the man out there, and it can be very rewarding.

Be “playful’, Smile at him, make eye contact and go out with confidence

It never hurts going off your comfort zone and be a bit playful. Make eye to eye contact with the man and smile. Also, when you are dating, you are licensed to move out and mingle, which is one exciting and most important aspect in attract a man.

Friendliness is one of the biggest secret to captivate the heart of a man.

It is expedient to become friendly when trying to pick the attention of the dream man of your life. It is not a good idea to always be harsh at the man you are looking to captivate. When this occurs, the man may pick an advantage to start looking for someone else. Ensure to ask your dream man of things that makes him happy. Be good in your approach to men. You will discover how fast the man will fall into your domicile.

Outfit matters a lot when trying to attract a man.

Men these days often like their girlfriend to be attractive and comely. This will help them to present such lady to the family, friends and relatives. You can look for outfits that curtail your normal stature. It may not be something expensive, but suits your best appearance. Take your time is checking through the mirror before leaving the house. Dressing properly remains a big secret that can clear men of their feet. Through this method, you can captivate the dream of your life easily.

Finally, good manners cannot be compared with silver and gold. Ensure that your mode of communication is simple and understanding. This will help you capture that heart of men easily.


Follow the above tips on how to attract men, make sure you are interested, multifaceted, and intelligent woman. You will find that you attract men pretty easy; you are among the most attractive ladies in the world.

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