How to Become Women Magnet – Be The Guy Every Girl Wants

How to Become Women Magnet, meaning that guy every girl wants  is a concern that must cross the mind of a man at least once in his lifetime. Though it is a fact that all ladies are different, when it comes to picking a man for a boyfriend or a husband, the basics are the same. Some men are able to achieve the typical traits without even trying while others tend to struggle with being The Man.

Are you clueless on what women might want on you and on other men too? Some men find attracting women hard but not for the gigolos who can easily charm women. What qualities make men irresistible? Knowing such qualities and applying them when dating will enable you to find a girlfriend and who knows – a partner in life.

When you go dating, you have to take your good traits with you and make women be attracted to you. Women may vary in their desired qualities in men but there are common traits that most women look for in a man. Did you know that knowing these, you can develop them to be inherent in your personality and ultimately be irresistible to most women?

How To be the Guy Every Girls Wants


The very first trait that will capture the attention of any woman to a man is the looks. Though it is said that personality is what matters most, looks do play a very important role in making you the man. The reason for this is quite clear.

A good looking person will always capture the attention of all those that he/she meets. Looks are not all about being a pretty face though (let’s face it, not everybody has a cute face). Whether you are naturally handsome or not, bringing out your best features is very important. This is done through appropriate dressing and grooming.

Confidence is among the most sought after traits in a man by ladies. A man who is sure of what he wants would fascinate absolutely any girl and that combined with some charm, humor and tenderness can go a long way in being the man every lady wants and a threat top every other man. A good reputation is another important point to score in how to be the man.

Striving to do good deeds to other members of the society makes a man attractive to almost all ladies since they are sure such a man will treat the lady well. Knowing how to treat ladies with attention but without getting too touchy is also another trait almost every lady cannot resist.

Men should be good conversationalist and with sense of humor

How good are you in talking to a woman? When you see a girl you are attracted to, you have to introduce yourself and women may entertain you when they find you pleasant to talk with. This is also a trait that must be developed by any man who wants to meet women – even if the venue is the web dating sites. In creating your profile, you think of yourself talking to a woman you are attracted to. Do not use the usual web-scripted introductory statements. Just come out with what is in your mind and show how good a conversationalist you are. A man who is good in this can easily attract women because he is surely not a boring type. Most women hate boring men.

Women love men with sense of humor. Once you get in contact with a woman, try to make her smile or laugh during your web encounters. Of course you only inject humor after you are already comfortable chatting with each other. A sense of humor is one attraction in man and many women give preference dating men with this attribute. There will be no dull moment. In fact, humor is an icebreaker that can start a rapport between you and her. Laughter is contagious and addicting and when you have this, a woman is likely to look forward being with you.

Compassionate, dependable and confident

There are three other basic qualities that you must develop – compassion, dependability and self-confidence. By nature, women are soft-hearted so they are easily attracted to compassionate men. You can be kind and emotional – but not too much because you can be construed as effeminate. Just let her know that you have a heart for others.

Generally, men are known to be stronger than women so women tend to depend on men. You should be a guy she can rely on, a man who can protect her. You do not need to be a super hero; it is sufficient for her to know that you are beside her during trying times.

You should show self-confidence. Such men could not be easily pushed around. Because of this quality, they carry themselves with pride, dignity and authority. Men who are self-confident are never insecure.

Intelligent and creative

Ladies in many dating sites admire men who are intelligent. They know that when one is intelligent, he can also be creative and financially stable. Some women conceive of the brain as the sexiest part of the male body – not the abs or muscles. An intelligent person can possess the other basic qualities of being a good conversationalist, sense of humor, dependability and security.

You might think that these qualities are only for men. Women may be searching for men and these too are the qualities they look for in male friends and lovers.


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