How to Find The Perfect Boyfriend

Women fantasize meeting that prince charming who will treat her like a princess. That guy who will bombard her with limitless love and eventually, on bended knee ask her hand in marriage. You might have been thinking that getting your Mr. Perfect is something completely controlled by fate, and just because you have not found yours, assume that fate has not been on your side. No. it is just a matter of doing what you have not yet done. Here are some useful tips on how to find the perfect boyfriend who will turn your fantasizes into reality.

Tips on How to Find The Perfect Boyfriend


Don’t shop for your dream man: The perfect boyfriend is not an item on display in the market. Be open minded on the guys you meet at a party, grocery store or even your neighborhood. The biggest undoing in finding the perfect guy is setting some very high unreasonable standards. A perfect guy is not necessarily loaded with money. Give that guy who sells at your local grocery store and has been hitting on you a chance. This same guy may end up being super rich in the future.

Look for Him in Places You haven’t been: Go to those places and let your objectives be your guide. Go to a bar, restaurant, night club, a religious fellowship, library, beach, theatre, gym, a shopping mall or for a certain sports ground. Depending on your interests and what you would like to be the interests of your partner, you can find the boyfriend perfect for you in any of these places.

Don’t Underestimate the power of Dating Sites:  It is just as effective as doing it physically.  There are quite a number of dating and meeting sites that you can sign up and finally bump into the perfect boyfriend you have been waiting for in your life. There is an estimation of about 1500 dating site, with the common ones such as eHarmony and

Don’t shy away from introducing yourself: It’s not every-day that women approach men. The society is designed such that it’s the man who does the donkey work. But it won’t break a bone to just say a simple hit to that super handsome, sociable and nice guy who tickles you fancy. That is a subtle way of telling him you want to be friends. He will take a cue and something good may come out of it.

Character: One way of attracting the right man in your life is by exhibiting a reproachable character. Be nice, sociable, polite, understanding and you will find yourself being the focal point of many guys who will want to be part of life. In other words if want to find a perfect boyfriend you must reciprocate by being the perfect girlfriend.

What are the intentions of the guy dating you: It’s hardly a week since you met and the guy is already thinking of sleeping with you. In all fairness the guy is out there for conquest and nothing much will come out of the relationship. Those characters don’t make the list of prospective perfect boyfriends.

Finding the perfect boyfriend can be a treacherous journey that may have its fair share of disappointments. The good news however is that if you follow the above steps you will end up with your prince charming.

Importantly, think positive. Build some affirmation in yourself, such as “I am going to get the very best for me” or “I am ready for a rewarding and everlasting relationship”. This is essential in building up the confidence that you need to get over all mountains on your way. Follow these guidelines and you will land on the person of your dreams, that is your perfect boyfriend.

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