How to Flirt With a Girl on Facebook Chat Online

Flirting Online on Chat or Texts– you could not imagine this as there could be no physical contact when you are both online. It is only the internet that connects you. This is a million dollar query that had been asked over and over again. There is one example being given. Does a wink send signals and thrill in your body when you are dating physically? Then, a wink when chatting online on Facebook can also send the same effect.

How to Flirt With a Girl on Facebook Chat and Texts


Wink proves that flirting can be done between two people who are in the cyber space. Then you might want other modes of flirting online – not just a wink but more other ways. Here are some tips that can be applied when you are seated before a Facebook or Mobile Phone and communicating with a person you have met in cyber space.

Flirting is Being Plain and Sweet

One thing that you have to learn is that it is better appreciated if your flirting way is just simple – projecting a sweet image. Since you communicate often via FB or Texts, you can start flirting in the Chats. Your tone should just be light but with a touch of mystery that will invite curiousness on the part of the person you are chatting or texting with.

Do not make your letter too lengthy because your reader might get bored, keeping every paragraph concise but meaningful and teasing. You should inject a bit of the mystery in you – but remember not to be over-bearing.

If you are chatting though, go to his or her profile and get some clue there for things that can kick off the conversation. Take note of an equally mysterious information and ask about this, which could give the impression that you are particular to details about him or her. Isn’t this flirting?

Flirting is Being Humorous

Do not fail to infuse humor when you are chatting. A good sense of humor is a great attribute that can make you attractive. Do not forget that when you are in online dating or when you are chatting with your crush, your purpose is to capture his or her interest to continually communicate with you. It is good to make some jokes but never go overboard because that will make you look like a “trying hard” individual. Online flirting can only be a prelude to the real dating where you can flirt in person.

Giving Out Compliments is Flirting

You should never fail to compliment your Chatting partner. This is often the top flirting secret. Every person wants to be praised. Even you – would not hearing good things about you flattering? It would be great if you can say something positive about your date, not only while chatting but also in your emails and instant messages.

Make the compliment subtle as overdoing will damage your flirting way. While you are in the interaction mode, try to be cute. Refrain from using too many emoticons in your texts and chats. These are borrowed emotions that can spoil the good impression on you. You will seem fake and insincere. Just say the words – that will be the right way to flirt.

Chat Sensibly, Do Not Text to Bore Her

More often than not men look awkward when they try to flirt through chatting or texting. The bare necessity to be good at flirting over Facebook chats is to be not boring. As a rule of thumb , when you can’t message her something fun or interesting , you should not message her in the first place. Avoid impersonal messages at all costs and try to make your chats and texts as personal as possible. Men try to share information through texting but women text to connect. For instance an impersonal question like asking about weather would mean you are friend-zoned or out-leagued already to that girl.

Stop that “I” word, Create Connection

Stop using the ‘I’ word and her surname, both of which could cement your distance from her forever. Use a nickname you have for her and use the words ‘we’ and ‘us’ more with her to make the connection. As said, one fact you must know, is that woman long for compliments and attention. Pay her a genuine compliment to make her feel special. Do not spray out all the information about you to kill every bit of mystery about you .Teasing is a good way to flirting and it is a chance to make a reference to your common past.

Don’t Hesitate, Confidence is the Key

Don’t be hesitant to be the man of chat. Be free to give your suggestions to her question in everyday life. Take courage to bring in the naughtiness needed for flirting. As a part of flirting etiquette , keep your messages short and sweet. Take enough pauses before your text, to make sure she texts as many messages as you do, so you don’t look desperate. Quit out of the chat when it gets boring or when you feel you are dragging it. Make sure you are one to call the chat session off and she would longing for next time you two could chat.

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Flirting is not always about physical contact. You can flirt also while chatting online on Facebook. Try to be sweet, mysterious and a bit humorous. Look at her or him through the eye then wink to intensify your flirting way.


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