How to Get a Girlfriend in College

College is usually described as quite the challenge, attracting new experiences and opportunities as well as challenges; for many an individual it is usually an opportunity to pay closer attention to one’s social life.

Even when proving an unnecessary component in high school, college always presents that rare opportunity to meet that individual that could play the role of your girlfriend, many a person known for first encountering those relationships that would later ripen into something greater in college.

College dating is sometimes a challenge. However it is a great opportunity concentrate on your social life. Most girls are often looking for fun and enjoyment. Dating requires being at your natural best. It involves being honest and also being playful.

Even though there are a lot of girls in the colleges; a bunch of boys still find it hard to attract even just one partner. In most cases it is the boy who is expected to make the first move. So to avoid rejection you need to raise your art of charming a few notches higher, and embrace the tips on how to get a girlfriend in college.

Hot to Find and Get a Girlfriend in College


The task isn’t nearly as difficult as one might presume; however even with the myriads of girls bound to be crowding the campus, it might prove necessary to utilize some strategy to maneuver oneself into a situation where they could best take advantage of the available dating pool, some pointers including the following:

To start with, All you need to have is courage and self-confidence so as to face any girl you want. As most girls hate to date shy and nervous boys who keep fumbling with words. The other thing is wearing nice clothes that are the latest fashion trends. And ensure that your hair and beards are carefuly trimmed to improve your general appearance. Also look at the crowds you hang out with, if your clique is the geeky boys who spend half of their college life in the library you won’t find any nice girl. Instead you need to begin some of the extracurricular activities by enrolling into sports, theatre troupes and attend parties, through these avenues you will meet the coolest girls that are looking for prospective partners.

Apart from being cool, you need to be unique and stand out from the other boys. You may achieve this by joining politics or sports this will increases your chances of easily getting noticed by the girls. Being funny and interesting is another worthy addition in your game. As this will ensure you are not dull and boring when hanging out with the girls. In addition to this you need to be charming through a few acts of chivalry such as complimenting her on how she looks, opening doors for her and surprising her with gifts. With all these skills all the girls will succumb to your charms.

One best way to attract a college girl is by spiking her emotions. This includes having interest stories and avoiding boring conversations. Most girls will perceive you as an interesting guy and always crave for your chat. In addition being a teaser makes you a challenge that every girl wants to talk to. Being up to date and trendy is very impressive to attractive to many girls.

It is important to create a great social circle. This provides a great opportunity to hang out with many girls. Participating in events e.g. parties is an ideal way to meet tons of new and exciting girls. College girls love active guys. Extracurricular activities e.g. music and sports makes you familiar. It also narrows your search on females with same interests and hobbies. Indeed college activities provides easy ways to start romantic conversations and impress any girl. Social activities builds on your confidence and creates impressions with females.

It is important to consider the character traits of your desired female. Consider the qualities that are attractive to you and avoid unlikely matches. Furthermore,

  • Don’t exhibit qualities of being so needy. This is not attractive and pushes females away.
  • Being humorous with an excellent body language is very important.
  • Part time jobs provides opportunity to interact with potential girls while in college.
  • Always avoid large groups of friends.
  • Attending classes alone exhibits courage and makes you more approachable.
  • Consider indulging in an extracurricular activity, preferably something you enjoy
  • Finally create positive buzz within college.
  • Getting people talk about you in a positive manner will impress most college girls .

Before seeking out a girlfriend, it would be prudent to work upon oneself, crafting the qualities in you that you believe are likely to attract female companions, usually based upon advise from friends. Putting your best foot forward at each encounter is bound to increase your chances of getting a girlfriend in college.

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