How To Get a Girls Number | Ask a Girl For Her Phone Number

Human beings thrive on social relations. The more active an individual’s social life is, the better the self esteem. It’s always been an old age tradition that guys who boost of good looks, have a good assets to their name or come from recognised background have always had the upper hand in attracting the attention of girls in the neighborhood. But none of these qualities beats the charm of wooing.

With the advent of mobile phones, communication has become more easier. Yet, charm and passion are the lifeline to overcoming that first handle to wooing a beautiful girl next door; actually knowing how to get a girls number. some guys have premeditated ways on how to get a girls number, others through fun and fanfare.

Many people encounter difficulties getting a girl’s number especially when they have known each other a couple of days ago. They may try to ask other guys but that is a problem because you never know if that other person is also thinking of winning the girl. That does not mean in any way that finding a girls number is next to losing her. There are brilliant approaches you can use to not only win the contacts but her too. Male are always interested in getting her number since this will simplify the all idea of getting to know more about her.

It is very easy to chat with her over the phone rather than face to face. Here are ways to Ask a Girl For Her Phone Number;

How to Ask a Girl For Her Phone Number


Look On Her Eyes

You are a man and you need to depict that in you. You are not supposed to blush when she stares at you. You need to open your eyes and confidently let her eyes look directly at you. If you blink and shy away, she may instantly lose your interest. When you are able to look at her courageously, you will break the first anxiety that was haunting both of you. If she looks with a smile, you are a few minutes from getting her number.

Start with Her

She is not the one to approach you but you are supposed to move a couple of steps towards her. Let her know that she stole your eye sight and that is why you went ahead to compliment her. Tell her that she looks beautiful and everything else about her goodness and this will open a cordial conversation between you and her. Truly say something distinct about her like she has long curly hair or nice blouse.

Tie it up

By now, the conversation should have taken a new twist but in the right direction. When you want to part with each other since everyone was in his/her schedule, inform her without fear that you liked the conversation. Go ahead and tell her that you will like to hear more from her because the chitchat was fun. Ask her for a cup of coffee or drink in the later day and obviously she will agree, and to meet with her during that day, she will probably hand you over her number.

There you got it!

Anyways, It seems easy but its actually not so to overcome the fear and to succeed in getting a girl’s phone number, here are some of the tip that might help you in getting her phone number.

Tips on How To Get a Girl’s Number


Confidence is a winsome style – It hits the girl’s ego even before the first words are out. Guys who are confident of self and their moves play surety to girls that they are well aware of the type of girl they are dealing with and that they not just trying another hit and run game. It’s time to create your moves.

Combine courtesy with creativity in wording. – Use words such as, will you, may I, please when asking the number of a familiar girl. Words such as I would like to talk you more, do you mind giving me your number and soon as you deemed possible.

It’s always hard to talk to a stranger – even harder to ask for their number at the first meeting. Break the ice by establishing a rapport with the girl. Engage her in topics she is conversant with and which you can discuss freely and at length. Avoid hard topics such as topics, sex or personalities which involve taking stands. Your best bet is topics on general issues which most people are conversant with.

Sometimes fun cannot be overlooked, not especially when trying to create a point of common interest. Use the opportunity to get her number. You can, for example, give her your number and make her understand that your only aim is to ask after her wellbeing once you have departed. This is especially suitable if she is travelling over a long distance journey or she is travelling in the wee hours of the day. It shows you care of her wellbeing.

Women like to be appreciated, even dazzled, at least most of them do. You can, for example, engage a girl in a warming conversation and create a point of interest. Make her know of her captivating vocals and charming beauty.

There is bound to be many ways on how to get a girls number in use by different people. None is better than the other as long as it will deliver the contacts to your possession. However, some, like these mentioned above, make it all fun and worth to remember. Don’t shy to try them out.


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