How to Get Over a Guy – Find a New Boyfriend After Breakup

Breakups can be very devastating due to the aspect of emotional attachment that comes with being in any relationship. Many people walk out of previous relationships very frustrated and some even go to the extents of swearing that they will never love again.

How to Get Over a Guy


Moving on after an intimate relationship is usually a daunting task to most people. Whether you dumped him or he dumped you, stagnating at the same point will just hurt your emotions. Here are some tips on how to get over a guy that you can apply to get your life back.

How do you handle aftermath feelings?

This is one of the most challenging phases after a breakup. No matter how long the relationship lasted, you are likely to experience some grief especially if you had been living together. Some of the common emotions after a relationship include depression, anger and denial. It is important that you learn how to deal with these emotions to avoid mental problems. Physical exercises such as Yoga, swimming, football, jogging and gym can help relieve such emotions safely and promote your overall health and well being. An uplifting playlist can also help relieve stress especially when you are all alone at home.

Keep distance from Your Ex

Hanging out with him will just make it more difficult to forget your past love experiences. Keep distance by avoiding places that you are most likely to meet with him as this could arouse tempers. If that happens, make it clear that you do not want to see him anymore using respectful words. Vague language can easily lead to confrontations which will obviously taint your personal image to the general public.

Spend more time with friends:

True friends will always be there to support you despite prevailing circumstances. Spending time with such friends will significantly help you to move on. If you are lucky, you might find yourself a new boyfriend in the process. Do not let the breakup lower your confidence and self esteem. Stay open to new possibilities and dating opportunities.

How To Find a New Boyfriend After Breakup


Learning how to get over your ex is one of the surest ways of enjoying your life to the fullest after a breakup. After breakup, one might think that they will never be able to love someone. However after sometime out and adequate evaluation of what led to the breakup, you will start craving to have someone in your life and sooner, rather than later , you will find yourself back into the dating pool once more and for ladies they will be like “I need a new boyfriend’.

So in short, Believe it or not but making a new boyfriend will certainly help you in getting over that guy, Once you start dating someone, he will make you forget your ex and soon you will be enjoying your life. But getting back on the dating radar is not such an easy process. The following easy steps will help you in this process:

The first step is to evaluate your previous relationship and figure out what halted the somewhat prefect relationship. This will help you to grieve that relationship and prevent you from making the same mistakes all over again in your new relationship. Ideally this should help you to regroup both emotionally and raise your self-esteem which will help you emerge stronger.

The next step is to go out of your comfort zones. Breakups normally cause people to retreat into oblivion where they avoid interacting with people. To help you do this you can carry on with your hobbies outside the confines of your home. Do these activities in the company of other people. This will ensure that you regain your confidence.

The other most significant step is employing the use of dating site. With the advent of the internet which precipitated online dating, finding your significant other has been simplified to a great extent. All you need to do is identify a dating site and create your profile. This will attract your some potential suitors that may end up being your lover. However you need to go slow on this process. Ensure that you first enjoy yourself and get to know someone well before you can decide on committing yourself to a relationship.

Finally reach out to all the important people in your life. All these people are security in case of any break up. They offer invaluable emotional and psychological support and can even introduce you in their social circles where you may eventually meet your potential partner.


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