How to Impress a Girl – Ways to Make Her Your Girlfriend

Girls are very sensitive to love and relationship matters. An attempt to impress a girl to fall in love with you can turn out to be a hard task. However, it can be done. The journey to impress girls begins with simplicity and being yourself from the start. Show the girl who you really. Just let her decide on whether you are the man of her choice or not. The reason why you should be yourself is because girls are very clingy such that you will be spending a lot of time together. The more you cling together, the more your true colors will be seen. So, if you had pretence at the start, you might face a lot of complications when she discovers your true colors.


Other than being yourself, there are several other ways on how to impress a girl. The following ways not only impress but also help to maintain the impression you’ve created. Girls can be impressed with just small things.

The first thing you should observe is good hygiene. The impression you create with your cleanliness is very important. Brush your teeth and maintain neat hair. Maintain a clean appearance with clean and fashionable clothes as you interact with girls.

Secondly, try as much as possible to respect girls. If you’ve been showing respect to all girls, that is a kudos to you because you won’t struggle with this. Remain polite and courteous in order to nurture the girl’s self esteem. This will increase your chances of impressing a girl.

Thirdly, girls will definitely enjoy when you flirt with them the right way. It’s as simple as smiling with her. Another way you can flirt with the girl is by making direct eye contact. Then, the way you approach her matters a lot. Approach her with a lot of care so that she doesn’t get alarmed and deny you the golden chance.

The fourth tip is about the way you do your conversations. What topics do you discuss? Two sided topics are the best for girls. Avoid dominating the discussion by talking in lengthy or unsuitable topics for her. For instance, you should not talk to them the same way you would talk to grown up girls because they might be shy to contribute. The best way is to introduce topics that cover things such as hobbies, favorite songs, games, etc.

Lastly, girls like some romance. Bring her some candy or a bouquet of flowers. Do this from time to time, but don’t make it appear too pushy. Note that; overdoing the romance will be too sweet and hence pushy. Avoid giving her things that might get her alarmed and flee.


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