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The 21st century has seen people take steps from the old forms of doing things to new and improved ways. There has been great inventions that have seen man change their lifestyle to somewhat a much easier way. Socially, people have learnt to interact without directly meeting face by face. If you have been going out everyday waiting for someone to notice you, you probably have it all wrong.

Online dating is the new in thing. There are so many sites that you can sign up to get the dating services that you really need. will help you learn what you can do to keep the loneliness away. Login and Sign Up

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To Sign Up

  1. Go to and Click Join
  2. Fill Up the Field with Your Real Info such as Name
  3. Click Create Account
  4. Confirm your email and you can use your account

To Login

  1. Go to, and In the Quick Sign In
  2. Enter Username and Password
  3. Click Sign In

This will allow you to use and search from the profiles that are present there. Here are some of the key features and user reviews of datehookup that makes it good dating site. 

Features of

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It is a free dating site : This is the best dating site that you can get out there that does not require you to pay even a single penny. When you sign up, you are ready to get started without any payments needed. This is the most amazing fact about this site. Most dating sites will burden you with bills while you may also not get a partner after all. In this lonely life, a dating site that saves you money is the ultimate gift. The cost does not compromise on the quality of services rendered.

The site is efficient and secure : This ensures that when you log on to the site, you do not waste a lifetime trying to operate your profile. This is the case with most daing sites. The site is less problematic making sure you do not lose your head while trying to find your heart. Forget about those times you want to look up some profiles and you find forged accounts, this site is free of all that letting you meet real people. This even makes the site secure to use as you can easily read between the lines.

VIP services for members who want to sign up: If you feel like you want a great service that what is on offer, there is a way you can get a plan that serves you best. A VIP sign up costs an estimated $6.95. The amount can be paid in a lumpsum of $17.95 for three months saving some cash for you. This works great as you do not get ads on your profile. You also get a list of hottest new and even you get to know who is secretly eyeing you. This makes much better. At just a small cost, you can unlock more potential and enjoy life. You can pay via visa card or any other legalized forms of payment.

The site for instance does not permit sharing of email addresses with other members. This ensure that you can only share your information with the person that you chose. It helps keep off jokers who are not after anything serious. That’s just how perfect this dating site is.

The information you share cannot be spread to other people on the site who may start stalking you. This ensures you personal security.When you post on the site public area, the information can be re-used by the site. Whether they are you photos, post or anything else the site a legal right to re-use the information and it is irrevocable.

When you post you pictures on this site’s public area, be sure that you can never take it back. Even in the case that you delete you profile, the site still retains the public area posts. The bills however will not be charged if you decide to leave the service. User Reviews

Most of the users have found this site to work for them. The site has been of great help for people looking to fight loneliness. This is one place where you can get a partner that you have been looking for. Forget about the blind dates that your friends have been setting you up on, this site will do the trick for you. What more could one need than a place where you will meet many users who are lonely just like you. This means you have tones of possible hook ups which is so much better.


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