How to Talk To a Girl If You are Shy

Approaching a girl who seems untouchable to you is at times intimidating even if you have confidence. However what you need to have in mind is that girls are human beings too. Once you develop interest in girls as people, talking to her will become as easy as talking to any other person. With several tips to build your confidence, you are sure to talk to a girl you never thought you would.

Start off by formulating a plan of attacking her ensuring that things you do or say do not have to be practiced or memorized. The idea is to have something in mind in case you are under pressure when on the spot. A nice way of introducing yourself and better topics of discussion that interest you could be beneficial giving you a creative way of starting off. Avoid beating yourself as this can be the biggest mistake. It is most likely that the girl will not have confidence in you if you have no confidence in what you do and say.

Avoid overambitious expectations and remain in your league. Very high expectations combined with rejection may lower your self esteem. Be realistic and accept where you are in the scale of expectations. If you meet someone who is way above you, be honest with yourself and don’t mind even if she does not respond positively to your advances. It is important to work on your attitude, personality and appearance so that you talk to girls freely. A girl will react the way you want them to if you are talking, walking and being your best.

How to Talk to a Girl If You are Shy

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If you are really shy then no matter how hard you try it will be very difficult for you to talk to a girl face to face. No matter how hard you try, You will not be able to do it. So here is a million dollar suggestion to you to talk to a girl, that is Talk to a girl online. It is the place where instead of talking face to face, you will talk to her online. Which you can do very easily no matter how shy you are.

How to Talk to a Girl Online

Many guys meet amazing and beautiful girls on daily basis, but most of these men are afraid to approach these ladies. The main reason is that they do not have the right relating skills to approach a girl on the social media. Talking to girls online should not be a nightmare but just an interesting thing to do. Men should avoid being uncomfortable and tensing up unnecessary. Approaching girls and picking up a conversation with them may prove to be a hard task, there are a good number of things that you should do or know to avoid stressing yourself up and make online dating an enjoyable task to do.

First you should know that what you are planning to do is more important than what you will say. When interacting and engaging a girl in a conversation, you should remember that a higher percentage of the communication is carried out through the body- language. This sound to be great news to most guys since they do not have to be tensed up anymore because all the words we say is of little importance. The way you present yourself is more important than what you can speak up.

Secondly, you should avoid using scripts and popular pick up lines. Talking to a girl online can be the simplest thing if you try to avoid listening to what other people says. Most experienced dating experts may tell you to memorize some popular lines. There exist a full publication of scripts and popular pick up lines as they are full of worthless information which can be misleading. It is highly recommended that you stay away from this punch lines and try to be yourself. No girl will be attracted to you if you will not impress and maintain an excellent and interesting conversation. The best way to win a woman hearts and attention is trying to open up and maintain a good conversation.

Last but not least you should always avoid dull themes. When talking to a girl online you are free to say almost everything provided that it is not going to upset her. Avoid talking about your normal daily routine and try as much you can to be fun.

Dating Tips for Shy Guys 

Have in mind that even if you do your best and follow all the advice, she may reject you. This is likely to be a blow to your confidence and self esteem but never allow it to bother you forever. The faster you move on, the faster you will find another girl who will not reject your offer. Being brave is determined by how you rise to the occasion when adversity hits you whether the situation is bad or good.

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