How to Talk to Random Girls and Impress Her

Do you know that talking to random girls can be difficult for some men? For men who are shy, this will always remain a hectic task to accomplish. Even for men who have not met anyone new for a long time, talking to random girls may pose some problems.

Mastering the art on how to talk to random girls always seems the most difficult thing for a boy to do. Most boys are always nervous as they hate being ignored when they approach random girls. But all you need to do is to polish your skills and you will be good to go. Remember your first encounter will determine if you will meet again in the future.

There are several good reasons to give this idea a try. This is because that random girl may end up being your dream lady. In fact, the random girl may be a great companion sent by nature to help you out in several ways.

Check List Before Approaching to Talk to a Random Girl


Before approaching a random girl always calm your nerves and make sure you are relaxed. Self-confidence is a big priority when planning on how to talk to random girls. One big secret that will always help you to accomplish quick success in life is self-confidence. Self-confidence is applicable in all ramifications of life. It can as well be applicable when speculating on how to talk to random girls.

First, to build self-confidence, you have to know yourself. Take time to understand your personal self. This is important when trying to build self-confidence in talking to random girls. With self-confidence, you are sure to unleash a matured approach that ladies like. Believe it or not, girls often like men with a self-confident approach and look. If you are not confident, girls will pick an opportunity to walk away quickly. For this reason, always trust in yourself and never act like someone else. You are sure to talk to random girls easily.

Appearance tells the manner. This is a big phrase in the cupboard of girls. No girl will want to end up or allow a man without a good look for discussion. Girls often believe that it is an embarrassment to them. For this reason, you can take time to update your physical look by wearing clean and neat outfits. It does not have to be expensive. Just make it clean and good looking.

How to Talk to a Random Girl

Compile a few things that you will talk about. In addition, you also need to study her body language so as to know if she is in a mood for a conversation. If she is nervous, she will judge you as a creepy and nagging boy and immediately walk away the moment you approach her.

After the initial steps you will need to make eye contact with her, then at least smile at her. Her response will give you the hint to approach her or to keep off and respect her boundaries. If she smiles back at you don’t hesitate but make the first move and greet her. Then introduce yourself and proceed with the conservation by asking for her opinion in any simple current issues that interest girls. Then ask her a few things about her life and interests and even encourage her to talk, this will make her feel at ease around you.

After judging her response and any non-verbal cues you will know if she is interested in you or not. Then you may try to make any future plans and then give her your number. If your conversation was interesting she will give you her number too. But if you were dull, she might say no to any proposals for a future date.


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