How to Write a Good Online Dating Profile That Works

Dating has evolved from the normal meeting and coffee dates to the now new and easy online dating. Online dating allows you to connect with people from half way around the world without necessarily boarding a plane or taking that long ship travel. Well, to be ahead in the dating world, you need a good dating profile and here are a few tips on how to make a good online profile.

Your profile will introduce you to all the ladies, even gentlemen, in the online dating sites. Your profile is not the only one out there but is a part of thousands of profiles. In order to catch the attention of ladies reading the profiles in online dating sites, yours must be exemplary. There must be an “IT” in it that will make it stand out over the multitude of submitted profiles.

You may not find it hard to make one because there are templates that can be downloaded from the internet. For me, such kind is not an exemplary type that will attract attention. It may just be a page that may not be read and with that, you are one person who would not be contacted.

Here are valuable tips on what to write and what not to write in the profile. But first and foremost, your page should be clean, neat, pleasing to look at and interesting to read. That is the first and next is the content.

How to Make a Good Online Dating Profile


Know What You Want: Prior to starting the choice of words, you need to first understand what you want and what you want the online dating platform to do for you. Keep in mind that your profile will play a vital role in what kind of people you will attract and repel. Be clear about what you want in your profile and make it come a live. A boring profile is not worth looking at twice regardless of how awesome you are in person.

No lies, state only big truth to make your profile

One of the major mistakes people make when creating a dating profile is thinking about lying or sugar coating things with an aim of attracting many potential partners. The problem with this is that they might succeed in attracting many people but at the end of the day, it will be based on a lie. If the dating process materialized into a more solid relationship, the partner might be disappointed to find out that you are not half of what your profile projects you to be.

In order to impress the profile reader, you may tend to exaggerate. This is one big “don’t” as this will lead to lies where you might be tempted to write things that you are not. You may not realize that there are a lot of things that you can tell about yourself, just work around this and as you do, try to use most convincing but honest words. Do not hesitate to tell about non-conventional hobbies.

If you are a nerd, express it because that sets you aside. Only few profiles will admit this and a woman looking for nerdy people will single you out. You have to write your emotions, women might like your expression of how you feel about some things. You will give the impression of being soft-hearted and compassionate, attributes that some women love.

In words, create a picture of yourself

You should be able to create a vivid picture of yourself – in words. Your online dating profile should be a venue to express yourself. If you love food, you can mention that you do cook – if and only if this is true. Think about your qualities that make you unique. You should not waste this chance because this lady would not reread your profile. She only will if she becomes interested in you. If you want her to go over your profile again, you can inject a piece of a puzzle that will make her curious about you. Add a little sense of humor so that she would think of how fun it is to be with you.

Be straightforward – talk about your expectation

Most of all talk straight and never be afraid to talk about what you are looking for – especially about a female date. This is another aspect of self-expression. When you talk about what you are looking for, do not delve on the physical looks but write about the personality traits you are looking for in a woman. Never talk about desperation because this is a negative point, thinking positive is an attribute so you should talk about positive things.

A profile is supposed to be a clear indication of your world and what you are about without the person reading it communicating with you. For this reason, ensure that what you put out for the world to see is what you are. Explain your interests and hobbies as this will open a window to your personality.

As you try to end your online dating profile, do not fail to proof read. No matter how good you are, there may be some typo errors or grammatical and spelling faults. These are minus points which could be avoided if you reread what you have written.

Dating Profile Examples; Bullet Point Tips


If you are too impatient and didn’t read the above tips which I know you did not, Here is something short and cool for you. To make a good online dating profile, all you need to do is follow the below bullet notes and I guarantee that you will find you date using my tip on how to make a impressive online dating site profile.

Do not Fake you Identity – Whatever you are, Just don’t write nonsense in your profile. Use you genuine Info.

Your Name – Use your full name here, Don’t use nonsense in your last name like “Born to be Cool” and all.

Display Picture – Online dating sites allow you to upload your pic, Now just make sure that you put a happy DP. I mean you should smile in that pic. Nobody likes depressed person.

Display Picture for Girls – You must check the privacy settings in the dating site you are going to upload pic. As it can be used for wrong purpose.

Be Straight Forward – Always write things clearly, Do not try to confuse.

About Me – Now this is where many fails. People think that ASCII will help someone get a date, Yes this is partially correct but nonsense will not be accepted. About me should be small yet intellectual

Looking for – Be clear in what you are looking for, generally dating sites asks a lot. You have to be clear in everything.

Choose a good dating site – Internet is full of lame dating sites but there are also genuine dating sites. What you need to do is make account in only good dating sites which does not have any fake accounts.

Send Request Sensibly – This thing is common in boys, Do not send request to each and every girls out there. Choose the best match for yourself and spend time with only one girl at a time.

No matter, How many account you make in numerous online dating sites, you will only get success in finding you date if your online dating profile is attractive. As they say “First Impression is the Last Impression” same follows with online dating. If your profile is not impressive you will simply not get a date. So just follow the above tips on How to Write a Good Online Dating that Works and you are good to go.

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