I Want a Boyfriend Who | What Girls Look in a Perfect Boyfriend?

They say no man is an island and also everybody need somebody to compete them,many ladies get in a relationship not knowing what they want from it,get heart broken then start saying that all men are the same.

It take so much task and effort to get that one person who completes you,also hard to get that special person to light up your love life,ones you get dissapointed the first time you should not put the blame on all guys out there who are trying to make moves at you, pick up the broken pieces move on be available and open for the next relationship.

Different ladies have different qualities of the type of the man they want to date because everyone have that one imaginary ideal boyfriend they have in mind.

I Want a Boyfriend Who Will


I want a boyfriend who calls me everymorning to know how i slept and wish me a good day ahead, no one would want to start there day with the previous day messes but the moment your boyfriend calls you every morning you can face your day with a jovial mood.

I want a man who never forgets my birthdays,our anniversaries and the sweet little moments spent together,with that it shows that he cares about the relationship and about will be more careful not to hurt your feelings,

I want a boyfriend friend who will love me for who i am,what i deliver in the relationship and not comparing me with other women,it hurts so much when someone tries to compare you with other people just because they dress in a certain way ,or because they apply there make up in a certain way,my boyfriend should accept my flaws,weakness and learn to deal with it.Its so hard to change for someone who you never know weather he/she is temporary or permanent in your life.

I want a boyfriend who relates well to my family and friends, someone who is not afraid of being seen with me,someone who is proud to introduce me to his friends and family members and expresses what he feels towards me anywhere.

When one is introduced to friends and family members it gives your partner a sense of acceptance and security,it also shows you are proud to have them in your life so every man should make an effort to making your ladies feel loved,valued and appreciated.

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