No Girlfriend? Reasons You Have Never Had a Girlfriend

No Girlfriend? Just don’t worry as this is very much common now a days just for two common reasons one is that you are too shy to approach a girl and the second is girls now a days are too unaffordable to hook up with.Reading this post you will come across some of the instances which will be very much relevant too you and at the end I will teach you how can you get a girlfriend today.

Why You Never Had a Girlfriend


If you have never had a girlfriend before in your life, it is possible to argue there is something wrong with you. You should be brave enough to approach any girl without fear of rejection as they too are human just like you. Most men, are afraid of been pushed away and try to hide in loneliness.

There are many things that make men shy away from girls but this should not be the case since these are things that they can walk over and get the girl of their dreams. Women also want to be loved hence it doesn’t mean they don’t need you when they push you away.

In order for you to get a girlfriend, you have to make the choice within yourself. If you have never had a girl before, chances are that you will shy away since you don’t know how to approach them. You have no clue as to what to say to them. However, you can be able to walk over that easily by been bold enough. Girls want to be talked to and if you have the guts, there is nothing you cannot talk about with her. Generally, as you continue to know each other, you will always find yourself with more stories but without time to conclude.

Men also tend to avoid responsibility especially when it comes to girls. Some men have never had a girlfriend since they find them to be more demanding. This is not the case as it only requires you to communicate with the girl. Men think girls want a lot of attention both in time and money which they are not ready to do. However, if you get yourself a girlfriend you will realize that they are not as demanding as you may have thought. You will be able to do your things and also get time to spend with them.

Some Tips to Get a Girlfriend Today


You need a girlfriend, but you don’t know where and how to start. Don’t worry, I’ve been there. You’ve probably tried talking to girls in bars and parties, but your approach anxiety stopped you, your mind went blank, and you didn’t know what to say. I’ve done this and let me tell you it doesn’t work.

There is a more natural way to meet women. Try going to courses instead. Women go to bars to party and to have a good time, they aren’t always interested in meeting someone. That’s why sometimes women are rude, and reject everyone that approaches them. But, women go to courses with the sole purpose of meeting someone.

If you are a shy person with low social skills and you don’t know how to keep a conversation going I will recommend you to try paid dating sites to get the general idea of how a conversation with a woman usually goes. Why paid dating sites? Most of the female users of free dating sites are fake, and are misused from people to get your personal information.

With a dating site, you will learn how a conversation usually goes, so next time you want to meet a girl you will know what to expect and how to steer the conversation. More and more women use dating sites to find the men of their dreams. But, joining a dating site isn’t enough, in order to succeed in online dating sites, you must make a catchy profile.

Research has shown that women are most attracted to men with a profile picture with their friends. If you have a body you are proud of instead of putting a selfie, try uploading picture of you and your friends on a beach. This will turn women on. Write about your hobbies and interests, on your profile.

So, i need a girlfriend, how do I get a girlfriend?

  1. First register to a dating site, and talk to women. Learn how to talk to women.
  2. Second, join a course women go to like yoga, dancing, etc.

Don’t be afraid of failing and making mistakes. In case you make a mistake you can always join another dating site, or another club. Now you know what not to do, so you haven’t lost anything.

Learn a skill, as you get better your confidence will rise, your body language is going to change women will notice and they will be more attracted to you. You will be successful at something and nothing attracts women more than a man who is best at something.


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