Online Dating Questions – What to Talk About With a Girl

You might be a new member on an internet dating website. You need to begin communicating with the female members who impresses you. It seems scary when confronted with a long list of women that appear when searching using keywords and you might find it hard to narrow down your choice. Believe you me, there is a way out and it applies to either free dating sites or ones that you have to pay to join. Asking questions is the best way to go. You need to know the questions to ask a girl u like online. For this purpose take yourself as a boss looking to hire a new employee and ask the following questions:

Questions to Ask a Girl Online on Dating Site


How long have you been a member of this dating site?

If it’s more than 2 years, chances are, she is not focusing to finding a life partner. On the other hand its show that she is patient and serious on finding the right man or she is just using this site for fun.

What do you want to get out of this site? Casual fun or a long-term relationship

The answer she gives is vital depending on your own objectives.

How many guys have you met on this site and have extended your meeting to a date?

If she dates any guy contacting her, then she is desperate. But if she has been a member for some time and has dated a few guys then she may be so demanding that you will never content her.

How many of those guys did you get intimate with?

This should be asked after some time from the time you meet. The answer will protect the health of your relationship in case she fits.

What is your favorite book?

Readers are more fun as conversationalists.

There are other more questions to ask a girl u like online to ask including:

  • Do you believe in love at first sight?
  • What is your favorite food?
  • What does family mean to you?
  • What are you career expectations?

Remember, if online communication stalls, then fire off an odd-ball question to elevate the interest level. Girls love guys who show interest on them.

What to Talk about With a Girl on a Date


Ok now forget about online dating, Even in offline dating and face to face conversation, Quite a number of men struggle to find out the type of questions that they should ask a girl that they have like whether it is during their first meeting may be on a train, park, bar or during their first date.

You do not need to be one genius in creating interesting conversions so as to ask the right questions to that one pretty lady that you just met and like. You only need to learn a few essential questions that you should not miss in that conversion and then you become a master of it all.

Ask her what she likes.

This is a usually an open ended question that helps you move from a conversion that is banter to one that is more meaningful. This type of question gives her the chance to select the information that she feels good to talk about and also lets her talk about herself on her own terms.

Try and ask her of things you would never guess about her.

This is also an open ended question and helps you get a clear insight to hear from her the very important things that may be most of the men that could have been in her life have never had an idea of. The question does not only help to length your conversion but also give you a chance to get personal with her on her own terms.

Ask what she likes about her job.

Many men get it wrong by asking women that they like where they work. The disaster of asking her about her job is that it could only be a one word answer. However asking about what she enjoys about her job gives you a chance to talk more and know about the interesting things she does and the people around her life.

Where you grew up what was it like?

The question eliminates the need to ask where she grew up. The question helps give a clear picture of the girl she is. You in the process could even get knowing things that people do not like sharing about their life as they grew up

There are hundreds of other question that you could ask a girl that you like such as; how you ended up becoming friends, whether she could like to visit you at your place and things she is passionate about. All the questions you ask you should make sure are not invading her privacy or sound so very investigative. Always ask in a friendly tone.


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