Online Dating Scams – Free and Easy Ways to Be Protected

Dating online is very different from traditional dating where you meet physically. In online dating, you may see and talk to each other in real time but you could not have physical contact. Because the online dating sites can be intruded by web scammers, it is paramount that protection and security be established to protect whatever affiliation is beginning between and among the online dating site users.

Online dating has indeed developed into a rewarding experience, per assertion of people who have started their love life in this manner. A number of dating site users resulted to union. However, there are also dangers in using online dating sites thus – you have to observe precautions for your own protection.


Online dating is usually conducted via emails or exchanges of messages and chatting. You want this communication to be secure and here are three easy steps to get your online dating identity protected.

Do not be too trusting in giving your email address

There are two modes by which communication between online friends are carried out. You either email in lieu of snail letters or you can chat instead of long distance phone calls. Since you are meeting an online friend incognito, you want your real identity concealed for the time being – until trust and confidence had been established between you and your virtual friend.

Your email address is not limited to only one address, in fact you can create as many as you want. When communicating with a new-found virtual friend, it is advised that you should not use your regular email address. For your online dating, create one email address where all communication for this purpose is coursed through. In order to keep your real name secret, merely use a username which is far different from your real name. You can skip the personal information portion to keep your personal side safe. Thus, your online date can be really clueless on your identity.

Is use of Skype safe?

You can chat freely with your new-found virtual friend. One of the free and common ways that also offer identity protection is Skype. Again, when setting up your Skype account, just use a username. This time it can be synonymous to your email username. You can use Skype in having voice calls instead of your landline or cellular phone. If you want to receive calls or make calls using landline or cell phone, you can add some amount to your Skype account. This is “pay as you go” so you only pay for your actual usage. You may not include video in your Skype conversation. Instead just add a photo in your Skype profile – perhaps identical to the photo submitted to online dating sites.

Security with Google Voice

If you have created your email address with, you can enjoy more flexible free chat time. You can create a Google Voice account where you can make use of another freebie – telephone number and text message, voice mail service.

For security, you can register a phone number that does not reveal your area code. You can program your Google Voice to ring a cell phone or a landline number. The best option here is the cell phone as you can switch from one Sim card to another where your identity is not really revealed.

And when you are sure that you can already trust your virtual friend, you can little by little reveal your identity. This is now up to you – how much do you want him to know about you? Is love around now that you want to be honest and know him better?

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