POF Login – www.plentyoffish.com How to Login and Sign Up

Today it is more surprising to meet someone who hasn’t used a dating website or app to find a date than to meet someone who has. This is why dating has become such a big business. Never before has a company been able to have financial success to this degree by helping people create a romantic connection with other people, which is why there seems to be a new dating website everyday.

I’m sure their advertisements have been flooding your Facebook feed. This is why it is important to use a site that has been around for years and has thousands of established users. Plenty of Fish at www.plentyoffish.com is one of such companies, which is why it is important for me to write a Plenty of Fish review and overview and Login Information.

POF Login – Plenty Of Fish Login and Signup

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In the Sign Up page, new users will have to fill up the following fields in the registration form

  1. Enter a username and a password combination
  2. Email address for getting regular messages from Plentyoffish.com
  3. Gender and Birth date details
  4. Country of origin and Ethnicity

To Login to pof.com (Plenty Of Fish), all you need to do is follow these simple step

  1. Open your browser and type www.pof.com on your address bar
  2. Enter the username and password in the Login Form
  3. Click “Check Mail”

Plenty oF Fish Review and Features

A Canadian based company founded in 2004, Plenty of Fish also is popular in other countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, and several others. Unlike apps such as tinder, Plenty of Fish’s process of helping you find someone is not completely superficial. Yes, there still are pictures of prospective dates, and you can match with someone based on both of you rating each other as attractive, but you are also given the forum to have a better understanding of someone’s interests and personality.

There is ample space in a your profile for you to write about yourself, what your passions are, explain dating no no’s, and let others know what your intentions are for using Plenty of Fish. In addition, they also have you answer several questions that have a significant impact on the the success of a relationship.

Questions such as “Do you Drink?,” “Do you want children?,” and, to avoid any potential confusion in our progressive society, they have a place for you to state “I am seeking __.” All of these give you a good idea of how compatible you are with someone before you even speak to them.

Plenty of Fish also takes advantage of science to help you find that “special someone” by having a variety of extensive personality tests at your disposal. There are test to see how important various “needs” are to you, test to see how healthy you are psychologically, and even tests about sex.

There are no wrong answers to these tests, but once you have completed the tests you will be able to see how well you match with an user in any of their given categories. This saves you the time of having to meet someone before learning if you have any chemistry with them or not.

Negative Points of Plenty Of Fish (POF.com)

There are however some negatives to Plenty of Fish. Some of the website’s best features require a paid subscription to use. This differs from Tinder, where you pretty much have all of the advantages the app has to offer just by signing up. To purchase this upgrade you can pick from a three, six, and year long subscription.

Money that can easily be wasted if the site does its job quickly by helping you meet the love of your life. Some of the site’s facets that are reserved for upgraded users are a view of the person’s extended profile and a way to view your interaction history with the person, so you can see if a user has viewed your profile before or not.

A feature that seem harmless until you accidentally click on your crush’s profile one to many times and you are put in the “stalker zone” for the rest of you life. Another issue with Plenty of Fish is that the site’s success is regionally dependent.

If you are located in province in Canada or many northern states Plenty of Fish will have tons of users and it will likely be your best dating site option. But it’s reach in certain cities such as Chicago is more limited, and you may get more action from a more established site in the area such as OkCupid or Tinder.

Aside from a few negatives, Plenty of Fish is good website that can help you meet your future spouse or your next one night stand. It just depends on who you are looking for and plentyoffish.com will be able to help you find them. The rest is up to you.

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