The Signs of Unspoken Attraction Between Two People

Learning the unspoken signs that both men and women give to each other, is the most important part of courtship and dating. Men usually waste so much energy on the wrong date, by failing to see the obvious signs women exhibit unconsciously. For women, identifying commitment and romance in a man is all down to reading his body language. These are the most important signs you should never miss:

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Body positioning

This is very important and is usually the very first sign to notice. Both men and women tend to face away from people they fear or dislike. The face and body will turn towards the person we like, as if encouraging closeness and communication. While walking together, both men and women will gravitate towards one another, when they feel an attraction. Women also tend to tilt their heads towards a man they are attracted to, in a seductive and playful manner.

Eye Contact

The eyes will show anger, boredom, laughter and attraction, even when the rest of the body does not. A person who likes you will make frequent and sustained eye contact, as if magnetism exists between the two of you. This is why lovers spend so much time staring into each others’ eyes.

Humor and Playfulness 

These two are a great indicator of fondness and attraction. We laugh with those we love, and play with those we feel close to. Play is a way for all animals to establish close bonds. Two people attracted to each other will keep smiling or chuckling, sometimes for no apparent reason. It also shows that the two people are relaxed and comfortable.

Making time 

A woman who always spares time to spend with you is definitely attracted to you. A man who does the same is usually serious, and wants to get closer to you. Even when a date fails to expose their true feelings, spending time with you is a great sign they want your attention and love.

Frequent Communication

This is another obvious sign of attraction. It is very hard to resist speaking to someone you adore, or are attracted to. It is why fights between lovers do not last for long. The silence is usually too much to bear. A date who stays in touch all the time is definitely yours to lose.

These were some of the signs of attraction that you must have noticed or you should notice on your partner which shows their interest on you and that should give you a signal to go forward or stop at a point. At the end of the day its all about you and your partner, If you both want to spend time together then why not. Here your heart and go with what it says. These were some of the unspoken signs of attraction between two people.


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