Why is it So Hard to Find a Girlfriend Today

Why is it So Hard to Find a Girlfriend?

This term “Hot to Get of girlfriend” is very popular in now a days. But some times due to some reason guys cant make a girlfriend. this problem is very common, not only with you but with everyone around. You will see many of them saying.

I am a simple, cool and handsome boy and searching for a girlfriend but the problem is that I can’t.

Many guys find it hard to find a girlfriend. This is a problem that millions of people face each year. It is important for people to understand a few things that can make it more difficult to get a girlfriend. Here is some information that you should know.

Finding a girlfriend has become more complicated now due to technology. Online dating sites and social media pages have allowed people to connect more with each other but it also can add more drama to potential relationships. Now, women have access to millions of potential mates. This can make it harder for a guy to stick out from the rest of the pack. Conversing online has also led people to often stray from their boyfriends which can make it harder to trust a girlfriend even if you are able to can get one.

Many people have stressful lives. The demands of work and college can make it difficult to have time to go out and try to meet someone new. In today’s modern era, many women are becoming more independent and put off dating because they want to focus on school and having a solid career. More women today are getting married in their 30′s. This can make the idea of being someone’s girlfriend less appealing. Women have become much more vocal about what they want in a man. The stigma of not being married is beginning to fade as well. This has given women more of a voice which can leave men in the cold.

Women can often be very picky when it comes to the boyfriends that they choose. Men need to be more open to communicating with women so that they can begin to establish trust so that a relationship can evolve. Celebrities have diminished the true meaning of relationships which is one reason why women often want to avoid being a girlfriend to someone because they fear being rejected and hurt.

How to Succeed in Finding a Girlfriend Today


So If you want to Succeed in finding a girlfriend today then I will suggest you to go with the flow. Didn’t understand? Ok let me make this clear to you.

Approaching each and every girl physically and asking her out will be little awkward, So the best method will be finding her online. As you know. Today, internet is biggest communication channel e.g. Facebook, WhatsApp, Wechat etc. but social networking sites are only for connecting with your friends but not for making girlfriend. If you will start sending each and every girl, a friend request then it will lead in blocking of your account, And will make you look like pervert. So ,If you are looking for a girlfriend then Facebook will not help.

What I would suggest you is to try online dating sites which can help in dating and chatting to random girls. Dating sites are meant for searching girlfriend, So here you can sen request to as many as girls you want without blocking your account. These dating sites are the thing which are keeping the girls busy in finding a boyfriend so be smart and use it to find her. 

  1. Search for some good online dating sites.
  2. Create an attractive profile (Off-course, to attract girls)
  3. Send the request to the girls you like
  4. Start a beautiful conversation
  5. Make her your girlfriend.

So the best thing you can do this make an account in online dating site. Now once you find a Nice girl you can chat with her and make her your girlfriend. You can use this technique to get a girlfriend today where it is so hard to find a girlfriend.

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